deno bundle

(as a service)

Prepend any Deno module URL with this site, and we'll bundle it on the fly into a standard JavaScript bundle.

Use it in the browser, or anywhere fine ESM modules are consumed.

Why is this useful?

Deno is a modern runtime for JavaScript. It uses the ESM import syntax to reference external code by URL, supported in newer browsers.

Deno also natively supports TypeScript, and uses the same ESM import syntax to reference external code by URL, but this is not supported in the browser (or any other runtime).

Developers can run deno bundle locally on Deno source modules to produce a corresponding JavaScript bundle, which also happens to be browser-compatible if no Deno-specific apis are used.

This service allows them to skip this step, they can reference any Deno source module as if it were an ESM JavaScript bundle, simply by prefixing the module url with

This will generate a bundle dynamically on an edge worker running Wasm from deno_emit, a userland project started by the Deno team to emit JavaScript at runtime.

This service is provided as a useful tool for anyone to use - the intention is to use scalable edge platforms like Deno Deploy to minimize costs and operational headaches.

Hope it helps!
- John

Return the emitted contents as a single “flattened” ES module.